Saturday, 11 June 2011

And we've started ...

On my way back to work from a visit to another plant, I took a detour past the block on Wednesday on the off chance that there would have been some progress. There was!

I pulled up, jumped out of the car and started snapping pictures like there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile the loader guy kept shooting me dirty looks as if I was some sort of industrial spy trying to get him in trouble. I didn't care though ... I was just so happy that we can finally see something happening.

We have a water meter:

and a power box:
The difference in the level at the back of the block is huge. You can't really see it in these pictures but you can see almost two whole blocks high of the retaining wall instead of the half a one you could see before. That will make putting in the gardens and lawn so much easier (and cheaper!)

I will be making weekly visits from now on to take heaps of photos keep Peter updated as he is only able to visit once every three weeks. I may even get to meet the neighbours and their massive Rottweiler dog that is already trying to dig under the fence to get out ...

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