Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Change in plans...

We've decided to not move into this house and to use it as a rental instead.






Just kidding! Too many late night 'discussions' to give up on it now!

Seriously though, we were originally planning on moving in mid December based on several factors:

  1. Based on when the roof went on, we should have expected the first Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) at the end of November which meant we would have the keys around the 10th of December.

  2. According to Peter's current roster, he would be home on the 15th December so despite me vowing to not move in the week before Christmas (again!), it was either move then or wait until mid January.

  3. Waiting until mid January would have meant a longer period of time paying both the mortgage and rent, so the earlier we could move, the better off we would be (financially anyway).

Then the site supervisor threw a spanner in the works by telling us that we should be able to do our PCI at the beginning of November and get the keys two weeks later (provided there was nothing major wrong). So it looks like we're moving in 24th November.

Now I'm in a bit of a mad panic trying to organise a driveway (didn't like the paved one the builder offered) and a tiler to lay 120sqm of floor tiles through the whole house, both of which have to be done before we can move in.


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