Monday, 21 November 2011

Got the driveway ... and the keys!

The driveway is finally in after being put off twice due to possible rain (humph!) and I'm a bit disappointed in the overall level of finish. The downpipe grates have bits of concrete stuck to/in them and the fall isn't right.

Oh well, not everything can be perfect. At least the colour is close to what we agreed on!

I refuse to get stressed out over the little things because we finally have our keys!

Now we just have to seal all the floors that aren't going to be tiled, put 'make-do' floor coverings where there's supposed to be tiles, sort out some way of keeping the dog in the backyard, move everyhting, unpack everything and get ready for Christmas.

Nothing to it.

Send Valium ...

and Scotch ...

44 gallon drums would be nice!

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