Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wardrobe fitout

When we re-arranged the floor plan of the house, we I sacrificed part of the WIR in the master bedroom to make a cupboard/storeroom for Pete and the boys' biking paraphernalia.

As Peter hadn't quite decided how he wanted it set up (and the fact that it would have cost quite a bit extra to set it up the way he thought he wanted), we left it empty with no shelving or rails. 

We also had grand plans for inside the WIR involving built in drawers, shelves and multi height hanging rails that we were going to purchase from Bunnings and install ourselves.  Then reality intervened with the rapid dwindling of available funds, so that plan disappeared as quickly as chocolate does around a woman with PMT me.

As a result, when we moved in, all of my and Peter's clothes on hangers ended up in the guest bedroom, halfway to the other end of the house, which wasn't all that practical when you realise after you step out of the shower that you forgot to gather all your clothes before getting naked. 

In other words, in order to not permanently scar the children's psyches for life by seeing me running from one end of the house to the other while sort of wrapped in a towel, I hassled asked Peter nicely to get on to fixing the issue.

And, bless his little cotton explorer work socks, he did!

Storeroom before

Storeroom after

WIR before. 
(Forgive the angle .. this shot was of the tiles but you get the idea.)

WIR during: My side

WIR during:  Peter's side


WIR after:  My side ... with hangers!  Woohoo!!

WIR after:  Pete's side .. if you couldn't work it out!

There's still a few minor details to finish off like the trim on the edges, the shelves in the storeroom and the double hanging rail in the WIR but for now he's done a good job. 

I think I'll keep him a while longer, despite the silly faces he pulls in photos ... he's pretty handy around the house when he wants to be!

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