Sunday, 22 April 2012

Decisions, decisions

Even though landscaping for the front yard was included in the price of the land, any hardscaping (retaining walls etc) had to be completed by us before the landscapers would even come out to look at the front yard. 

So we have been out the front to try and decide what we're going to do ... leave it sloping and try to get a lawn to grow or put in a retaining wall with the hundreds of spare bricks and just have garden with no lawn.

Most of the other houses on our side of the street have some sort of retaining wall .. usually limestone blocks which Pete doesn't like ... and the few that don't have walls, have mostly lawn that isn't looking the best.  The lawn not looking good could be due to many factors:  not being gardeners, not enough water, no fertiliser, or just the fact that the estate's landscapers put roll-on lawn straight on top of whatever sand is out the front with no preparation/wetting agent/compost/soil improver. 

Enough whingeing about the 'landscapers' ... if we can call them that .. they're just installers as they don't seem to have any idea about how to make plants/lawn grow.

We brought some of the bricks out to the front to try and work out what sort of wall we would like to have built and managed to decide on the following layout:

The gap is for the front steps I want .  I've always disliked having to walk up the driveway to get to the front door so I'm finally going to get steps .. woohoo!

 Mind you, this is the third time we've changed our minds so far so it may end up being different again in a week's time!

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