Saturday, 10 November 2012

Painting games ..

or more accurately, painting the games room.

Now that the tiles are finished and we have painstakingly sealed the grout to avoid it turning to (a) crap (colour) too quickly, it's time to put some colour on the walls.

Colour can be interpreted oh so many ways, especially in this house, as I'm surrounded by males who really don't understand that there is a difference between beige, taupe and tan.  Then when they start throwing in random words thinking they might be paint colour names, I usually throw up my hands in despair and run off to Bunnings by myself.

Luckily, Peter has realised that his life runs much more smoothly if he defers to me on colour choices (the majority of the time anyway) and it's only taken nearly 20 years of marriage .. lol!

I chose the same neutral colour that we had in the last house, as he seemed to like it (Well, I didn't get any negative comments so I think that means he likes it).  It's another Taubman's colour called Athena and once again, we went half strength.

I rollered all the super-stinky primer on one day and left the whole room open all night to let the stench escape before going back in the next day to paint.  One day is definitely not enough to get rid of the stench .. might try two days next time I paint anything.

Anyway .. here's the finished product:

Luckily, there weren't any major spills on the new tiles.  All we have to do now is put the curtains back up and move the furnitutre back in.  We'll get around to buying some decent furniture eventually but for now the boys are abusing using a couple of futon lounges .. perfect for getting their sloth impersonations down pat!

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