Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Dividing line

When planning the back yard, I had the grand idea of building some sort of timber screens to .. you know .. 'screen' the view of the clothesline and the (eventual) garden tools shed.  Unfortunately we couldn't seem to agree on which way the timber slats should go.

I was leaning liking the horizontal slat look and as we don't have small children any more, though that it would definitely be the way to go.  The fact that is the current fashion may have influenced me slightly but hey, the heart wants what it wants, and I wanted horizontal.

Husband darling, however, couldn't (or wouldn't) share my fashionable vision and was insisting on vertical slats .. you know .. like the proverbial white picket fence.  Yee-uck!!

To save the cost of marital couselling, we both agreed to let go of our respective fence dreams and compromise.  The eventual choice was to use the same sort of fencing as on the boundaries but with a slight tweak.  The fact that this fencing was (probably) cheaper and far less labour intensive than any of our previous options, hubby was given the go ahead by yours truly to install it ... yesterday.  (We all know that when I want something done, I want it done yesterday and that I am not to be expected to expend any effort whatsoever .. it is to just happen!)

Despite my (rather grandiose) idea of having someone else install it to save hubby the hassle on his very short times at home, I didn't get around to getting someone in.  So my darling, very handy, hubby got to work with our boys and installed one side of the fence in a morning.  I did have to expend some effort myself but it was well worth it!!

The other side will ahve to wait until we can get the rest of the necessary parts .. a couple of uprights.  Due to this fence colour not being commonly used .. except for in our estate where everyone's fences are the same colour .. we have to wait a bit longer for them to make some more.  As soon as it is done, I'll post more pictures.

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