Friday, 21 January 2011

Here we go ...

Having lived on a main road on a battle-axe block for the last ten years we decided that, as much as we loved our house, it was time to move on. With three boys rapidly approaching that magical age of driver's licences and first cars, we just wouldn't have the room for everyone to park their cars without having to play musical parking spots every time someone wanted to go out.
After looking at all the options available in our price range in the established houses market and much to-ing and fro-ing on the benefits of building over buying, we bit the bullet and decided to build.

We looked at the prices and sizes of land where I thought I wanted to live (because I still refuse to move country) and just about died. $265,000+ for a piddly little 495 square metre block of sand and you had to camp out overnight to be able to have any chance of getting a look-in!!

We were just about to give up at this point when one of the display home reps suggested a suburb a 'little bit' further away from where we were looking and I have to admit my initial response was "no way". After being talked into "just taking a look" by my darling husband, I fell in love with 'The Glades' at Byford.

When we first went into the land sales office, we were just having a browse and were quite disappointed to find that there didn't appear to be any decent sized blocks available; they were mostly cottage blocks (350-400sqm) with only a few slightly larger blocks (480-550sqm). We knew that we needed at least 580sqm to build any of the houses we had in mind and were preparing to leave when one of the sales guys finished his phone call and asked if we needed any help.

Well, it must have been fate/destiny/whatever you want to call it, because he told us that he had literally just that moment (the phone call he was on when we arrived) had a block come back on to the market due to finance not being approved and it was 600sqm. He offered to put a hold on it for a week so we could crunch the numbers and work out if it was viable. We knew we could do it because it was $55,000 cheaper than the smaller block we were originally looking at in Southern River!

We put the finance wheels in motion and by the end of July 2010, we were the proud owners of a 600sqm plot of sand and weeds.

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