Saturday, 29 January 2011

House plans

We went out to have a look at the house on display in Byford and had a chat to the lovely sales consultant, Sharee. After looking at my rather mangled version of the floor plan, she gave me a few scale copies to play with. This is the original:

and this is our slightly majorly revised version:

It's still recognisable as the Floreat, but only just! We have made many, many changes some of which are:
  1. added extra space on to the garage for Peter to use as a shed/workshop (also reduced the size of the entry hall for the same reason),
  2. completely redesigned the kitchen (still making changes)
  3. moved the bathroom, laundry and toilet so that the toilet wasn't off the laundry and all the wet area doors were adjacent,
  4. enclosed the activity to make an extra bedroom so all three boys' rooms were in the same end of the house (which makes Bedroom 2 a guest craft room all for me!)
  5. moved a lot of doorways to more practical places (eg. entry to minor bedrooms hallway, games room entrance, home theatre entrance)
  6. moved wall in dining room to create a linen cupboard
  7. changed all robes in minor bedrooms to double width built-in-robes with sliding doors instead of walk-in-robes
  8. sacrificed part of my WIR to create a 'jacket and helmet' cupboard (store in entry)
  9. redesigned ensuite (still making changes to this too!)
  10. lengthened the alfresco area
  11. enclosed and slightly lengthened the home theatre and
  12. added doors to everywhere I could!

I'm sure there's more but I can't think of them right now and I really can't be bothered getting up to go find the list of changes .. maybe another day! Please let me know what you think and anything you would change.

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