Sunday, 6 March 2011

Tiles (part II)

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Today we are delighted to present for your perusal our kitchen tile and laminate selections.

(Once again, as the accent tile has a glass type finish, it has proved slightly difficult to photograph without numerous fingerprints all over it, so I have included the manufacturer's professional photo to give you another idea of the colours.)

As the floor tile has to be installed after the handover and has yet to be decided upon by our designers, we will not be showing you that today. However, we do have the following:

The wall tile is called Flute Crema, which has a subtle white brushstroke-type line detail and is, as you may have guessed, not a true-white tile. The tiles will be laid with the line detail going from top to bottom to enable better co-ordination with the accent tile which also has vertical line features.

The accent/border tile is called Impulse Listello #05 Donkey. This tile has several different features, not all of which are evident in either of the photos presented here today. The glass finish has been done as an overlay and has quite a few matte finish vertical bands which overlap the gaps between the coloured sections underneath. This will serve as a lovely distraction from the dirty dishes that will invariably be sitting in the sink.

The laminate selection for the bench top is, on the left, Formica Sand Crystal. This patterned bench top will hide a multitude of sins/stains, which is just as well given how often things are spilled on the benches in the designer's current abode.

The cupboard doors and drawers that will complete this picture will be finished in, on the right, Formica Bark. This will also be provided with the pearl finish, rendering it a more fingerprint resistant surface.

This concludes today's parade but we hope you will join us in the near future for the bathroom, WC and laundry selections. Ciao for now!

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