Saturday, 5 March 2011

Tiles ...

I We have finally decided on the tile colours and are sticking with them this time. As I can only put up to five pictures in each post, I'm going to do several different posts to enable me to inundate with you with photos; most of which were taken in bad lighting by a rather inept photographer (me, in case you hadn't gathered!)

(Imagine a voice over like the one you would get at a runway show)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to tonight's show. We will be featuring two recent arrivals to the colour selection and design field who are just starting out (again!) on the long and rocky road to new home ownership. So, without any further ado, let the fashion parade begin. Here are the choices for the ensuite ... ta-dah!!

The wall tile (the one on the left) is called Gloss Ripple White. Funnily enough, it is a gloss white tile with a ripple finish (who woulda thunk it, huh?) to hide those little variations in the finished wall. Ladies, it will also help to camouflage those little trouble spots that you miss when cleaning in a hurry as you can always blame any funny-looking spots on the light hitting the ripple at a weird angle.

The floor tile, the one on the right, is matte finish floor tile called Waringa Stone Grey. Originally refused by the female of this couple due to its uncanny resemblance to plain concrete, it has now grown on her and should be quite acceptable in the long term as it should take longer to fall out of fashion.

The accent/border tile, the mosaic type one across the front of the other two, is a tile called Aurora Border #2 Seal. (As it has a glass finish, it has proved somewhat difficult to photograph so I have included the professional sample photo from the manufacturer's website.) This was the compromise offered by the female of the couple when she learned of the male's desire for a rather stark black and white colour combo. Luckily it was accepted and relative peace has now returned to their relationship.

The laminate colour that has been chosen for the bench top is, on the left, Formica Tuscan Marble and for the cupboards/drawers is, on the right, Formica Mulga in a pearl finish, which apparently means it will have a slightly more textured finish than the sample shown above.

Hopefully, all these colours will work well together in the harsh light of day as the lighting in the tile showroom left a lot bit to be desired.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending today's fashion parade and we hope to see you back tomorrow when we will unveil the latest collection for the kitchen. Au revoir!

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