Sunday, 6 March 2011

Tiles (part III)

Welcome back to the third of our fascinating tile and laminate selection shows. Today's show is all about the bathroom, WC and laundry.
First up is the wall tile. The designers have opted to continue the Gloss White Ripple tile, on the left, through the remainder of the wet areas of the house but have opted to tile the WC to window sill height on all four walls, to enable easier cleaning of those little spots that always seem to occur in a house full of males.

The floor tile for all three rooms is, on the right, Rocell Moonstone which has a slightly mottled matte finish to help disguise the inevitable dust and dirt. This tile will also be used on the riser on the side of the bath and on the hob around the bath to provide a lovely contrast to the gleaming white bath, which has been upgraded to a larger size.
The accent/border tile, the mosaic type one across the front of the other two, is Mirage Listello #3 Espresso . This will only be used in the bathroom as the designers could see no point in accenting the utilitarian space of the laundry or in paying large amounts of money to accent the smallest room in the house.

The laminate chosen for the bench top in both the bathroom and laundry is Laminex Cocoa Nougat. This may have been chosen because the designers were both rather hungry at this stage of proceedings and liked the name or just because they liked the actual colour. Both of these reasons are equally likely.

The cupboards in both rooms will be finished in Laminex Sorrel in a slightly more textured finish than the sample shown here, to enable easy removal of the inevitable splishes and splashes.

This now concludes our tile and laminate fashion show. We hope you have enjoyed the show and look forward to hearing your comments on the full range. Please remember that these designers are only new to the field so please be gentle!

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